6 beautiful days hiking Tasmania’s Overland Trail.

As some may know, I hike. A lot. If there’s a mountain I’m there. My driving passion is nature and there’s rarely a weekend I am not out in the hills somewhere, sleeping under the sky, nursing some sore muscles in preparation for the next day’s adventure. I am sure some of my more city-loving […]

Reflections – Visually represented BRDF setups for shaders

Creating shaders for metal materials can be a bit once you get into the reflection components, and with metal materials in general the way those reflections behave is vital to the look of the shader. Most rendering engines provide a means of controlling reflections via a Fresnel or BRDF function (usually numerical), but understanding how […]

Redevelopment and filming

As is probably evident, I have been doing a little redevelopment of the site recently. Software was getting a little long in the tooth and so I have been bringing everything back up to date as I get a chance. Most everything is back online now, and that which isn’t yet (mostly in my photography […]

Family Tree

“Family Tree” is another film we worked on for the United Arab Emirates Media Council which recently opened with their pavilion at the 2015 World Expo in Milan, Italy. On this project there was a sequence of shots of Dubai emerging through the desert sands. I was responsible for all modelling, lighting, shading in these […]

Motion Vectors from MentalRay for Maya (2015)

After a busy year I am back. A recent job made me realise that the info out there on the web relating to getting motion vectors out of Maya to use with After effects via the Reelsmart Motion Blur plugin was missing a few steps and often conflicting… Here’s the process which apparently works for […]

Walkabout again…

Due to me most recent jobs being kept under wraps I don’t have any work related things to show recently. Instead, here’s some snaps from my recent wanderings out back… It was good to get back out in the land with my grandfather again, I’m not sure how many more times the opportunity will come […]

Gecko’s in the city. Thirsty gecko’s in the sand.

Recently we completed some work for construction formwork specialist Doka. The work consisted of some animated shorts involving a 3D gecko that we nicknamed ‘Joan’. Some basic models were provided by the client, and other artists in our team were responsible for the previz, layout, rigging and animation. My role was to take care of […]

Linear Workflow in Vray / 3DS Max

Here I will provide a basic rundown of how to set up 3DS Max and Vray for linear workflow, and then provide some link to more thorough explanations. In 3DS Max, go to cutomize/preferences/Gamma and LUT and make the following changes: Turn on ‘Enable Gamma/LUT Correction’. Under ‘Display’, check ‘Gamma‘ and set it to 2.2 […]

Basic render passes and compositing in VRay

Lately I have started picking up Vray. My initial thoughts are that it’s hard for me to draw a direct comparison between it and Mental Ray as I left 3DSMax around the same time Mental Ray was being added to it, and so I have never used Vray in Maya and never used Mental Ray […]

“Unknown nodes or data” when changing file type in Maya

A quick little tidbit of information which may become helpful in Maya when you are trying to save your file as a different file type (.ma instead of .mb, and so forth) and you receive the error about the scene “containing unknown nodes or data” and the file type can’t be changed…. well one solution […]